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Spray Foam


Maximize your insulation investment with Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam, or “open-cell” or “closed-cell” insulation is the most advanced innovation in insulating materials available today. The insulation is spray-applied and, when properly installed, forms a seal that prevents leaks, minimizes noise, and improves building performance. Spray foam is the perfect thermal and moisture management system for your home or business and can be used in crawl spaces, attics, and walls.

Spray foam insulation benefits include:

  • Offers a high insulation R-value
  • Reduces the requirement for mold growth
  • Provides a seamless air barrier
  • Restricts moisture transmission
  • Adds structural strength
  • Minimizes sound transmission
  • Does not shrink or settle
  • Allows for downsizing of HVAC equipment
Pro Insulators can properly install spray foam insulation in new or existing homes or businesses.

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Our home energy solutions range from insulation and simple weather sealing (air sealing) packages to fiberglass insulation to spray Foam insulation. Most importantly we offer revolutionary Aeroseal duct sealing technology which seals your duct work from the inside out.