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A Solution To Poor Building Ventilation…Finally.


We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the importance of duct sealing in regards to home energy savings. It’s no wonder, when you figure that heating and cooling costs represent the overwhelming majority of utility expenses for homeowners, and that an average of 30% of that cost is leaking out the ductwork instead of being delivered to the rooms that need it. Aeroseal is the first effective solution to sealing leaky air ducts located throughout the entire ductwork system.

But lately, Aeroseal has been getting addition attention for its ability to solve a problem that has been plaguing engineers and building managers ever since…well, ever since there were engineers and building managers. That problem is poor exhaust ventilation. 

We’ve all experienced it. The government building that smells of stale air, the office that seems to attract headaches, the public restroom that smells like a floral shop on steroids, the apartment building with chronic mold issues and condensation on the windows. These are all symptoms of an ineffective exhaust system – one that is simply not doing its job of removing the old stale air along with the odors and bacteria they often contain.

Cardiovascular Hospital Uses Aeroseal To Solve A Mystery


The University of Ottawa Heart Institute turned to Aeroseal to solve one problem and wound up solving two.

When a hospital monitor detected an isotope in part of the building away from where the chemical was produced and supposedly quarantined, administrators needed to figure out what was going on. Through the process of elimination, building engineers figured the isotope must be traveling from one part of the building to another through leaks in the facility’s various ventilation shafts.

“To access the shafts, we were looking at having to actually rip into the walls or worse, build a completely new ventilation system,” said UOHI project manager Michele Emond. “Both of these options would have been completely disruptive and prohibitively expensive. Luckily, someone on our team had heard about a breakthrough duct sealing technology called Aeroseal. That made all the difference.”

Since Aeroseal works from the inside of the duct system to seal leaks, the process was quick, easy and non-disruptive. The actual sealing process took less than a day to complete.

Consumer Reports Agrees!


We’ve been telling people for a while now that aerosealing a home or building can be the most significant thing you can do to save energy and increase indoor comfort – but it’s nice when others agree. Especially when that “other” is Consumer Reports magazine – a publication infamous for its fair and credible reporting.

This October’s issue of Consumer Reports includes a feature called Testing Your Energy IQ where they asked (and answered) questions regarding home energy efficiency. When it came to lowering energy costs, the publication confirmed what we’ve been saying all along – that the single most effective home improvement project for lowering your home energy bill is sealing ductwork.

The magazine asked over 1,000 Americans to choose between several energy-saving options including upgrading windows, insulating the attic, installing light colored roof shingles, and sealing all air leaks, including leaky ducts. Not surprisingly, more than 2/3 of those surveyed got it wrong. According to Consumer Reports testing, “the swiftest savings come from sealing air leaks…especially its ductwork.

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